About Me

Hello, all!  My name is Amy.  I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia with my wonderful husband and son.  I work from home full-time in addition to being a full-time mommy and part-time blogger.  Our lives are very busy, but lots and lots of fun.  I wouldn't have it any other way!  I've always loved to craft and make things (my family calls me Martha for Martha Stewart but I'm on a much lower level than she is!), but it wasn't until I started doing research for my sons first birthday that I discovered craft blogs.  Instant bliss!  There are so many wonderful ideas floating around in blogland.  I quickly became hooked.  I decided that I too would put my mark on this world and figured that I was already creating, so I might was well share my ideas with others and see where it leads me.  I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I do.  Happy Crafting!